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Developing Confidence is Easy, You Just Have to Lose the Complaining

Yash Prakash
4 min readSep 25, 2023


A couple of years ago, I was at the airport just waiting to pick up my luggage after a long haul flight. People were milling around the conveyor belt while it stubbornly refused to start.

I looked around and saw an older gentleman whining loudly about the sorry state of the airport. By the time he was thirty seconds into his rant, a few more people had joined in.

A little distance away, a man was busy working while he had literally perched his laptop on the flat handle of the trolley while waiting for his luggage.

The older gentleman was still whining, still annoyed, was still complaining into thin air as he waited.

The other man who was dealing with the same situation was taking the time to do something important.

One is transforming a bad situation into a worse one.

The other is accepting of the situation and is making the most of it.

Which person do you think is more confident in their lives?

It’s hard not to complain

I bet it’s easy to sympathize with the older gentleman. He hadn’t done anything wrong after all. He was simply dissatisfied with the situation.

But if you look on the other side, simply becoming at ease with the reality had the opposite effect.

When we receive a pushback from reality and forces beyond our control throw a wrench in our plans, there’s no better way to deal with it than accept it, move on, and try to make the best out of it.

Instead, our instincts tell us to lash out.

We become agitated in a subconscious effort to rectify the situation.

And when our psyche fails to come up with a solution, we fall into the trap of rejection.

Our rejection of the situation leads to us rejecting the obvious — our natural inclination to adapt.

If only we could simply force ourselves to relax, say it’s okay and make better decisions like the person with the laptop.

If only we could adapt and not just appear but become more confident even in the lowest of circumstances.



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