Cutting Corners as a Content Creator Has Consequences

Yash Prakash
3 min readSep 22, 2023

Increase your mind’s horizon of goals first.

Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

Content creation is a slow ritual.

Our minds have become accustomed to seeing quicker effort — reward cycles and it does us a disservice. Any successful creator knows that this is a shiny trap.

Just like if you would pick up a new language, you wouldn’t expect to become a fluent speaker in it for months and years.

Building up your digital one-person business always has been about the forever game.

My reflection shows that the creators who overlook this end up into one of three categories and regret it.

They end up forgetting about the long haul

If you can’t envision a reward beyond a few thousand dollars or a fancy new car, you’re probably not meant for this.

Instead, you need to look at that blurry, distant picture of the future that you’ve imagined on sleepless nights.

For me, the power of writing on the internet has always been about freedom and my desire to teach. If I didn’t have these two things fuelling me, I wouldn’t have survived for long in the creator economy.

I’ve always theorized that slow, amateur steps are the building blocks of content…



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