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We are all familiar with the regular data structures in Python — the lists, dictionaries, tuples and sets. We may even be quite well versed in it since they do come up quite often in our day to day Python programming.

In this article, we’ll go into learning some of…

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Have you ever wondered how hard would it be to collect data from your users and thus try to build your own dataset?

In this article, I go over a simple data collection process that you can apply for your own use case and easily collect and store data, all under an hour.

We use Streamlit for building the webpage to host our data collection user interface and then use the Google Sheets…

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A week ago, I posted one of my most popular articles, which contained a list of Data Science tools and libraries you should definitely be aware about. Today, I’m going to discuss one such great tool from the list.

Optuna is a lightweight and versatile tool to perform hyperparameter optimization…

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Every time you pick up a dataset for a project, you are tasked with cleaning and preprocessing the data, dealing with missing data and outliers, modelling, and even performing hyperparameter searches to find the optimal set of hyperparameters to use for your estimators.

Apparently, there is a convenient and neat…

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Having great skill in SQL is a an asset for any Data Scientist. Both learning new concepts and revising them thoroughly can be accomplished by picking and solving some common problems asked in the domain.

In this article, I’m going to relay 5 such problems, that I’ve handpicked from LeetCode…

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The truth about writing good articles that go viral isn’t about clickbait headlines or flashy feature images.

It also has not much to do with knowing how the “algorithm” works and predicting every time if it’ll help you stay afloat or drown you.

Your writing goes viral not when you…

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